Don't think of your goals; think FROM your goals!

Every successful entrepreneur is driven by goals. You already know that without having specific worthwhile goals, one lacks the will to create any thing significant, whether in business or in personal life. So long ago you have learnt to set long term, medium term and short term goals. If you are anything like me, you have your daily goals/tasks on your desktop Sticky Notes, and you still carry a small wad of To-Do lists in your breast or back pocket, which you consult from time to time, while you go about your daily business in order to stay focused and productive.
This is very good practice.

However in order for you to be more effective in deciding which tasks to concentrate on today and how to go about accomplishing them, I would like to share a different point of view with you this morning; a way of thinking about your goals that will help bring them closer to you, faster.


Don't think of your goals; think FROM your goals! - Robert Allen & Mark Victor Hanssen


Instead of thinking “about” your goals, you should be thinking “from” your goals – AS IF YOU HAVE ACTUALLY ACHIEVED THEM. And it is from this imaginative POV that you should decide the quality and quantity of action that you should be taking in that direction today considering the time frame you have imagined for the attainment of that goal.
So to bring this idea closer to home, let’s take your 5-year business goal as a case in point. As an SME CEO, you’re probably focused on attracting more customers and sales for your product and service offerings as well as getting your brand known and recognized by as much people as possible, for the core values that your business represents in the market and social space. This is an example of a worthwhile goal. If you add specific figures, in terms of sales volume/value and percentage of market share that your business hopes to capture in that 5-year period, it then becomes a proper measurable goal.

But as you may have discovered, having a clearly defined, realistic, written-down and measurable goal doesn’t always guarantee their attainment.

However here is an extra layer of soul-ish emotion that you can apply to your written goals that will guarantee that you achieve them, and that you achieve them faster – your imagination.
Imagination trumps will


As the CEO of a small business with the above goals, When you are thinking FROM your goals this morning in preparation for your business day, close your eyes for as long as it takes, until you can clearly see your potential potential customers (real people) in and around your business area, sitting on their computers right now just as you are or fiddling with their mobile devices, typing certain keywords in Google and other search engines, desperately looking for a product or service your business is offering on its website.

Now, imagine that you can see the results they get from the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and your website name is number one, the very first one (either among the paid listings or the organic listings) on the list, and these potential customers are all clicking through to your landing pages offering the exact product or service that they are looking for at that moment.

Imagine the smile of satisfaction of their faces as they realize that they are in the right website and on the right page.

Imagine also that they respond to your Call To Action for them to purchase something on your landing page, and they actually complete the checkout process. Each and every last one of them, every single time! You are free to visualize as many customers as you desire , depending on the specific figures you have set for you goal.

Now open your eyes. Having thought from your goals, you can now think through your plans and the things you need to do or have done for you, TODAY, that will ensure that you are moving consciously in the direction of your own specific goals. First you have just realized that for the above visualization exercise to even begin it’s quantum journey toward reality, you need to have the following things in place:
1. A proper brand, represented visually by at least a unique and recognizable logo.

2. Valuable Products or services you’re offering to your customers (remember the smile of satisfaction on their faces when they clicked through to your landing page and read your content)

3. A properly thought out and competently crafted website that will not only present your content in the most meaningful and accessible way, but that is also capable of handling the whole sales process seamlessly, from attracting their attention to holding their interest and successfully converting that interest into desire, and leading them to conviction if necessary, that your product or service is the right choice for them, and ultimately moving them to take the desired action – whether it is purchase, in which case your website should have an effective check-out system or dropping their contact details for future marketing follow ups, in which case your website should have an effective newsletter sign up process and CRM setup)

4. An effective SEO strategy and the right team to implement it in order for your website to rank number one on Google and other relevant search engines.

5. A proper product/service delivery process and sure customer support system, which will guarantee that you will have repeat purchases from your customers and continuous favorable brand engagement in the social space.
In summary, you are of all this now, because you are thinking from and not necessarily of your goals, and so the right action to take or not-to-take becomes a no-brainer for you.

When the will comes in conflict with the imagination, the imagination invariably carries the day! - Emile Coue
If you haven’t already got all or any of the four things itemized in the list above, then click onĀ this link to talk to a team that will guide you on the best practices based on over a decade of experience and genuine passion for SME success!

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To your success!