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Web Application design, development and branding

Custom Database-driven Web Applications

A custom database-driven web Application will allow your website visitors interact with your site contents and features in real-time and ensure a unique experience for each user. Each user will only see contents which they are interested in, because every click corresponds to a database query. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

So if your desire is to have a website that:

  • restricts access to certain content and prompt users to login with their username and password
  • allows users to register for an account on your site
  • has dynamically searchable product catalogue
  • has dynamic photo galleries
  • has full databae support
  • streams video and audio contents (podcasts)
  • has dynamically updated news and events sections
  • Receives mail orders from customers, and dynamically sends out an auto response to the customer acknwledging the receipt of the order
  • and other custom web app features

Then Silverstrandz will help you fine-tune your ideas to suit web requirements and standards, and then whip up a web application for you with full database-support that your users and customers will find quite appealing to view and really easy to use, which means more return visits, longer time spent, more conversions leading to more revenue for you.