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Basic Online Presence Website Design, Development & Branding for Small Businesses

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Even if it's a small local business that you own or manage, you cannot afford to overlook the power and possibilities of the Internet today. You need a befitting online presence to complement and sustain your offline marketing efforts. A simple Online Presence Website will enable you to publish your products catalogue or services brochure online; publish your company profile online; publish you portfolio online, etc. We offer design, branding, hosting and maintenance for this type of web sites.

We can create a Basic Online Presence Website for you with simple features that will help you tell the world about what you do, no matter how small your scale of operations and budget are. And we will design and build the website professionally in such a way that it can be easily scalable (i.e. allow for easy expansion due to anticipated future growth of your business).


Typically with a Basic Online Presence Website you can simply:

  • Publish your products catalogue or services brochure online
  • Publish you portfolio online
  • Publish your company profile online
  • let your customers know the latest news about your company
  • Receive mail orders
  • Receive customer feedback
  • Host landing pages for your Facebook and other social media and off-site ad campaigns
  • create a seamless integration with your social network pages


Our Basic website package includes the following Features

  • Upto 15 Custom-designed web pages (Homepage, about us, products, contacts, news, etc.)
  • Upto 10 major graphic-illustration banners
  • Unlimited minor graphics (e.g. buttons, icons, etc.)
  • Upto 2 flash animated banners
  • Basic Contact/Feedback Form with auto-responder function (Optional)
  • Photo Gallery with upto 30 pictures slideshow (optional)
  • 24/7 Live Chat feature (optional)
  • I year subscription for Web Hosting Basic Plan from Silverstrandz HOSTING
    (Features include: 100MB hosting space, Unlimited Monthly Bandwidth, etc.)
  • Free 1 year Registration for your Customized Domain Name (e.g.
  • Upto 5 subdomains
  • upto 20 Customized Email Accounts (e.g.
  • Free Website URL submission to all the major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, plus 100s more)
  • Free Google Adsense API code integration into some of your web pages (optional)
  • Free Google Maps setup on your contact page (optional)
  • Free Facebook Business Page setup (optional)
  • Free integration of your website with your social network pages (e.g. facebook, twitter, linkedin)


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