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web presence design and branding for small businesses

Web applications for mobile devices & Smart Phones

Even if it's a small local company that you own or manage, you need a befitting web presence to complement and sustain your offline marketing efforts. A simple online presence website will enable you to publish your product catalogue or service brochure online, publish your company profile online, publish you portfolio online, etc. We offer design and branding for this type of sites.

Web Application design, development and branding

Web-business Consulting

A custom database-driven web Application will allow your website visitors interact with your site contents and features in real-time and ensure a unique experience for each user. Each user will only see contents which they are interested in, because every click corresponds to a database query. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

Web Application design, development and branding

Strategy & Creative for Advertising Campaigngs

An e-commerce online Store will alow you to display your products in catalogue format as you would in a typical retail store, with customers being able to browse through the products, add products to shopping cart, check out, and make payments online using their credit/debit cards or other online payment solutions. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

flash application design and branding for stars, celebrities, and marketing communications agencies

Facebook advert placement

If you are a star or celebrity such as a professional actor, model or artist photographer, etc., chances are that you will prefer something more artistic, visually appealing and flashy to make your online statement awesome. We also design even a standalone (desktop) flash app to complement your powerpoint presentations (for advertising and marketing communications agencies)

Website Maintenance and Upgrade / Custom Content Management Systems

Web hosting & Domain name Services

For your website to remain an effective marketing tool for your company it's content needs to be kept fresh and up to date. Whether as regular one-off (hourly-rate) contracts or as a standard maintenance contract whereby we review your website say, weekly, monthly, etc. we can help you add new web pages and features to your site, update your site content (text and graphics), update your special promotions, update your news sections (i.e. Webmaster Services), or we can even integrate a custom Content Managent System (CMS) into your website so that you can do the updating yourself whenever you like