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Thank you for choosing Silverstrandz.NET. To begin experiencing our immaculate customer service, please browse through our services list below and select one or more of our website design and graphics design solution packages. And please feel free to navigate this section of our website to view the full details of all our services.

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Website Design & Development Services

web presence design and branding for small businesses

Basic Online Presence Websites

Even if it's a small local company that you own or manage, you need a befitting web presence to complement and sustain your offline marketing efforts. A simple online presence website will enable you to publish your product catalogue or service brochure online, publish your company profile online, publish you portfolio online, etc. We offer design and branding for this type of sites.

Web Application design, development and branding

Custom Database-driven Web Applications

A custom database-driven web Application will allow your website visitors interact with your site contents and features in real-time and ensure a unique experience for each user. Each user will only see contents which they are interested in, because every click corresponds to a database query. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

Web Application design, development and branding

E-commerce Online Stores

An e-commerce online Store will alow you to display your products in catalogue format as you would in a typical retail store, with customers being able to browse through the products, add products to shopping cart, check out, and make payments online using their credit/debit cards or other online payment solutions. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

Web Application design, development and branding

Online Communites and Forums

An online community or forum will allow your website visitors interact with each other in real-time, doing things like starting a new topic for general discussion, commenting on other users posts, sharing useful links with other users, creating personal user profiles, etc. We offer design, development & branding for this type of sites.

flash application design and branding for stars, celebrities, and marketing communications agencies

Flash Applications

If you are a star or celebrity such as a professional actor, model or artist photographer, etc., chances are that you will prefer something more artistic, visually appealing and flashy to make your online statement awesome. We also design even a standalone (desktop) flash app to complement your powerpoint presentations (for advertising and marketing communications agencies)

Website Maintenance & Content Management Systems

Website Maintenance and Upgrade / Custom Content Management Systems

Standard Website Maintenance and Upgrade

For your website to remain an effective marketing tool for your company it's content needs to be kept fresh and up to date. Whether as regular one-off (hourly-rate) contracts or as a standard maintenance contract whereby we review your website say, weekly, monthly, etc. we can help you add new web pages and features to your site, update your site content (text and graphics), update your special promotions, update your news sections (i.e. regular webmaster Services).

Popular Content Management Systems

Popular Content Management Systems & Self-hosted blogs

We install and customize popular CMS like Joomla! Drupal and Wordpress (if you intend to become or already are a pro-blogger and need a self-hosted solution instead of having your blog on blogspot or even on the wordpress website). This type of CMS or blog will allow you update text and images on specified webpages/blog posts and also allow you add new web pages and/or blog posts too; you'll also be able to update your news section, special promotions, add/update/delete surveys, etc. yourself whenever you like. These type of CMSes are very customizable too.

Custom Content Management Systems

Custom Content Management Systems

If your website is a custom web application, and therefore requires an absolutely unique framework (as opposed to the one-style-fits-all of popular CMSes), we can integrate a custom, but dynamic Content Managent System (CMS) for only those pages and or sections which you will be updating frequently so you can easily update those portions of the website yourself whenever you like

Website Promotion & Search Engine Optimization Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Web site Promotion

We offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as a standalone service. Our website promotion package comes complete with keywords research and analysis, Search Engine (code) Optimization for all key pages, using the very best markup (programming) and production standards, Link Building Strategies, Email (or newsletter) Marketing, etc.,

Email Marketing and newsletter blasting

Email Marketing And Newsletter Campaigns

A s a small business owner, if you’re looking for a ways to close more sales and grow your business, then you need to adopt an email marketing strategy, because email marketing is fast, relatively inexpensive cpompared to other online marketing strategies, and, in most cases, yields the highest ROI.

We can help you plan your email marketing campaigns, design the html email templates, blast your html messages at pre-determined intervals, monitor results and subscriber activities, collate and send you periodic reports on your email (or newsletter) campaign performance, and so much more, without boring a hole in your pocket.

Branding & Graphics Design Services

Logo design And Web2.0 graphics for website banding

Web Branding (Logos, banners, templates, etc.)

If you are a web designer, but not very good with graphics we can help you make your efforts look very professional by designing a professional logo for you or redesign your existing one to meet web2.0 standards or even design a complete professional layout template for your website, branded with your logo and oficial colors. We also design professional web advert banners and illustrative graphics

Logo design And Web2.0 graphics for website banding

Corporate Branding

We offer corporate branding services such as analysing your brand and suggesting corporate colors, designing your complementary cards, letterhead, corporate profile, product brochures and catalogues and other offline marketing materials. We also design magazines, book covers, print and outdoor advertising materials etc.

Other Auxilliary Web Services

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