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Silverstrandz Global Solutions officially opens her new web school.

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As part of our ongoing move to empower Nigerian youth, Silverstrandz.NET has commenced a new webshool where it will take on the responsibility of coaching Nigerian youth in the arts, sciences and technology of web, graphics and multimedia design and development.

"As the information age gains more ground in Nigeria and more and more Nigerian companies begin to realise the need for an online presence, we realise the need for more web masters and kinternet professionals in nigeria, therefore we have decided to groom and prepare the future web developer designers and developers for the big challenge of putting Nigerian businesses on the web professionally," says Phil Chukwu, CIO of Silverstrandz Global Solutions.

The School offers courses such as Web Design & Development (Basic & Advanced), Total Graphics (TG), Multimedia Design (MD), as well as Content Management Systems Mastery (CMSM). WE hope to include more specialized web courses into the curriculum as the school gains more grounds.

The teaching style in Spidercity WebSchool is also different as it adopts a coaching-style one-one-one absolutely hands-on practical web programming from day one, "the aim of this is to immerse the students in the fundamental of the web and internet and guide them through the process of becoming a professional. There is also the advantage of a small class size that will ensure that every participating student is carried along fully," says the CIO.

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