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Our Company Overview

Silverstrandz.NET is a forward-thinking website production and web-business consulting firm based in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. We specialize in standards-based web design and development, graphics design, and online marketing.

With every project our goal is to imagine, design, create, build, host, and manage simple, beautiful, customized and fully branded webpages that look and feel distinct from other websites in their class or industry; and function well enough to achieve the objectives or solve the problems they were created to solve; as well as interact well with and is highly accessible to your target users in order to make them happy to visit your website over and over again.

Our mission is simple: to help proactive organazations of all scales and sizes (especially small businesses) across Africa succeed on the Internet and World Wide Web.


Our Web Design Philosophy

we believe that every web site should look and feel as unique as possible; and be very simple and direct in its language, communication style and interactivity. But above all, if you really want to make a profit from doing business on the internet, we believe that your business website must be highly accessible to all users with absolutely easy to use features.

We realize that there is a stiff competition on the internet due to the proliferation of websites (there are over 400 million websites on the world wide web), and therefore there is a need for differentiation through branding and search engine optimization (SEO) in order for websites to fully achieve the objectives for which they were created and deliver the bottom line to your busines or organization's in terms of reasonable ROI.


Our Approach To Web Design & Development

We have a result-oriented approach to to web design and development, because we understand the dynamics of branding, brand advertising and strategic marketing and how they apply on the web. Therefore we do not just “design” websites, we produce branded and customized web sites and web applications that truly stand out from the rest of the pack. And we will also optimize your websites in such a way that they rank among the very first links to pop up when a user searches for any terms and or keywords relating to your content.


Our Team

Silverstrandz.NET employs some of the best web designers, graphics designers and programmers in Lagos, Nigeria. We have the ability to draw from an experienced base of personnel whilst maintaining a personalized form of business liaison with our clients. In delivering superior value to every single one of our clients, Silverstrandz.NET calls on a combination of talents, including:

  • You, our client.
  • Web Page Designers
  • Web programmers
  • Graphic Artists
  • Flash & 3D Animation And Video Creators
  • Copy Writers
  • Internet Marketers.
  • Internet users in general.
  • And most importantly members of your target markets in particular.


Our Process: How We Operate

STEP 1: You request a quotation for one of our services by filing out our simple quotation form. You can also request a quotation via email, phone call or text message.

STEP 2: Our support personel will contact you immediately to discuss the details of your project with you and help you decide on the most appropriate type of website for your perculiar needs, negotiate and agree on a final price. This discussion will cover: the general "look & feel", and navigation structure and functionality of your web site. And we maintain this close consultation with you till the site is completed.

STEP 3: You provide us with important images (e.g. your logo, specific pictures of your products, etc.) and copies (write-ups to be used as initial text content on your website), as well as any other optional contents you may want to include on the website, such as video and audio clips, etc. If you prefer, we can also design a logo for you, take the important pictures for you with our professional high-end DSLR camera, write professional marketing copy for your company and products/services, and or create audio and video contents for you at your request.

STEP 4: You make the initial payment deposit into our bank account or pay in cash if you are close to Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria and choose to visit us in person instead. However if you choose the bank option, after payment please send an SMS or call 07032767005 with your bank teller details.

STEP 5: We will begin work on your project immediately we confirm your payment receipt, and send you a link to monitor the work-in-progress so you can make necessary comments and suggestions as the projct progresses.

STEP 6: Once the web site is completed, our team reviews the site from many different angles - from navigation to ease of contact to average page loading speed etc. - every possible angle is reviewed to ensure maximum functionality of your site. This ensures the highest possible viewing rate for your web site and other strategic business benefits for you.

STEP 7: When you are satisfied with the final website output, you make the balance payment, and we sign-off the design contract and send you all the necessary website details: domain name & hosting package registration detail and the website Control Panel login details, email account login details, etc. As a matter of principle, we do not hold our clients to ransome like many Nigerian web designers do by highjacking their website Control Panel. You can read more about this phenomenon on our blog.

STEP 8: And of course, our Support Lines are always open 24/7/365 to help you out whenever you run into something you can't handle on your own pertaining to our Web Hosting, Web Design/development or any of the other services we provide you.


Our Resources and Their Availability

Our resources include a professionally configured multimedia design studio environment located in the heart of Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.

Powerful multimedia computer hardware equipped with the latest design and development software, coupled with a team of highly talented creatives and techies, skilled in all the latest web and Internet technologies help to ensure that we create and deliver nothing but the highest quality web sites to you.


10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Silverstrandz.NET To Handle Your Website Project

  1. number 1 We listen attentively to understand your you-nique business needs.

  2. number 2 we understand the dynamics of branding, advertising, and strategic marketing

  3. number 3 We adhere fully to web standards and absolute best practces.

  4. number 4 We use world class technology and tools in all our projects no matter the size, scale or budget.

  5. number 5 All our designs are fully customized for your brand.

  6. number 6 Our team of experts are highly trained and self motivated

  7. number 7 We give you absolute value for your hard-earned money.

  8. number 8 We leave no stone unturned and go the extra mile to ensure that your website meets world class standards.

  9. number 9 Our packages are designed to fit into your budget plan.

  10. number 10 Most of our prices are flexible and negotiable.



First we'll listen carefully and try to see your business vision through your eyes. Then we'll help you translate your unique business ideas into an amazing reality on the internet and world wide web. However if you don't like what you see when we deliver your new web site to you, you may request for your money back anytime within 30 days of project sign-off, and we'll refund it to you. Every kobo.

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